Homemade Bowling Pins

Every week our local homeschool group descends upon the bowling alley for a couple of hours. Several lanes are reserved just for us. It's a great (and cheap!) way for the kids to work out some energy while visiting with friends and for the moms to hang out and talk over our week's activities, catching up on the latest buzz. For those weeks when we just aren't able to make the trek to the weekly bowling activity we have fun with our own homemade version using . . . .da, da, da da! Plastic water bottles of course!

Here's what you need:
10 empty plastic water bottles (for bigger pins you could use pop bottles)
Sand or dirt
A ball (we prefer a soccer ball)

Put about an inch of sand into each water bottle. This adds just enough weight to make the bottles stable and makes it a little bit harder to knock the "pins" down. Super glue the lids on lest mysterious piles of dirt or sand show up on the living room carpet. Now find some room to set up your "alley." We like using the hallway, the walls act as gutter guards. :D Set pins up in typical bowling pin formation. And let the good times roll!

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  1. After all the times we've done this I finally went out and bought one of those plastic bowling pin sets (at a yard sale so it was cheap) and the kids never ever used it. For some reason the recycled plastic bottles are what make it fun.

    We even put pictures of all the family members on each bottle once, giving each face a different point value. They LOVED that.

  2. i can just imagine our little guy at your homeschool bowling activity with that soccer ball! he'll be kicking the ball at the bowling pins like it was some kind of soccer net. i bet you guys have a ball!! :)

  3. I love that crayon roll on your sidebar--what a great thing for roadtrips.

  4. That is terrific. My kids would love it. Thanks.


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