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The Family: A Proclamation to the World has been a fixture and a guide about families for members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints since it was first read by President Gordon B. Hinckley in the General Relief Society meeting on September 23, 1995. It has been spoken of, quoted, memorized and recited. Now it is also celebrated in an annual blog event held every September!

To celebrate the anniversary of the Family Proclamation, bloggers from all over the web are coming together to share inspirational experiences, crafts, FHE ideas, photo essays, and more. We want to spread the message about the importance of families and the teachings espoused in this wonderful document. The truths contained therein are universal to many cultures and religions of the world. The purpose of the Proclamation Celebration is to have a safe place where those who desire can express their appreciation for these wonderful teachings. The hope is that by focusing on the Proclamation and really digging in, all can understand its teachings better and learn how to better incorporate them into relationships with spouses, children and God.

Our annual celebration is held every September. Come join us! You can grab a blog button below (there are various sizes) or read posts from past celebrations by following the links that are after the blog buttons.

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Family Proclamation

You can find links to all the wonderful posts for the past four years of celebration below. Each will open in a new window so you don't have to worry about backtracking in your browser.

Celebrate the Family 2013

Mormon Mommy Blogs

A Well-Behaved Mormon Woman

Celebrate the Family 2012
Looking Towards Perfection
 Why We Need the Proclamation
Family Proclamation Lapbook
Homosexuality and Compassionate Compromise
How The Family: A Proclamation to the World Inspired the LDS Mother’s Almanac and My Life
Women Today
Living Your Love Story
Altered Shirts and Stable Patterns
The Blessing of a Body
Family Proclamation Photo Essay
Structuring a Life
Why I Love "Wholesome Recreational Activities"
Never Check Your Religion at Your Door - Defend the Family!
Building Righteous Family Traditions

We Talk of Christ
The Family Proclamation: A Clarion Call  
The Family Proclamation in a Consumer Society 
At Long Last by Rozann Thoelke 
Leave the Judgment at Home by Serene Heiner 
Serving Your Spouse and Family by Jessica Clark 
Made to Fit by Dennis Gaunt 
Our Spiritual GPS 
Family Proclamation FHE 
Infertility by Steve Dalton 
The Spirit of Elijah by Catania Larson 
Handkerchief Dress Tutorial 
Being My Children's Friend by Real 
Teaching Children to Protect Their Bodies 
Taking the Bus to Kolob
 Middle-aged Mormon Man 
FPC 14: The Part-Member Marriage 
FPC 13: Inches and Milestones 
FPC 12: Unlikely Angels 
FPC 11: Janette Rallison on Joy (?) 
FPC 10: The Proclamation Captured 
FPC 9: Nothing Normal About "The New Normal" 
FPC 8: Ideal Families in the Proclamation 
We Are at War - Encore 
FPC Day 6: How About a Laugh? 
FPC Day 5: Rags to Riches 
FPC Day 4: You Have All Girls? 
Opie, FHE and a Blog Hop 
FPC Day 2: Cheeseboy: Love and/or Righteousness
FPC Day 1: A Bra Story

Diapers and Divinity
Family Proclamation Celebration, Day 1: Family Is Central
In the Image of God, by Shantel Gardner
Divine Nature and Destiny, by DeNae Handy
Sacred Covenants and Holy Temples, by David Dibb
Divinely Appointed Sacred Powers, by Michelle
Husband and Wife, by Shawni Pothier
Children Are an Heritage of the Lord, by Ken Craig
In Love and Righteousness, by Melanie Jacobson
Marriage Is Essential, by Michele Stitt
When Founded upon Christ, by Becca Riding
Principles of Successful Families, by Becca Wilhite
Faith, Prayer, Repentance, Forgiveness: The Power of Apology
Mothers and Nurturing, by Allison Kimball
Warnings, Calamities, and … Hope?, by Matt

Celebrate the Family 2011
Gender is Essential by Montserrat
We Talk of Christ Celebrate Family Posts

Finding the Family Proclamation on the Passenger Seat by Angela Fallentine
Divine Destiny of God's Children by Alana Lee
The Family Proclamation Includes Everyone by Jenna Eakins
A Family Mission Statement that MAKES a Statement (Blog Hop)
Working for Eternity by Meredith Tuttle
Morally Clean Before Marriage: Happiness After by Josh Snyder
Family Proclamation Lessons & Photo Essay Blog Hop
Love Is All You Need by Liz Pitcavage
From a Young Age by Becca Nelson
Happiness in Family Life by Julie White
Family Proclamation Game and FHE Blog Hop
Adaptation and The Family Proclamation by Jen Fuller
Forgiveness for Past Abuse by Jackie Sarager
Reaching Our Family Potential by CaMarie Hoffman (Blog Hop)

Welcome to the Madness Celebrate Family Posts

A Taste of God's Love
Divine Destiny
Mission Impossible?
The Blessing of Eternal Families
Children are a Blessing
MY Family Proclamation
All it Took Was a Bump on the Head
Marriage Essentials
A Good Way of Looking
Family Home Evening
Being Peas in a Pod
Family in Society
Deep Impact

Celebrate the Family 2010

How We Celebrate Family  by Deirdre and James  
Family Proclamation Download  by Heather  
What is Real  by Misty  
My Savior Loves Me by Jaime  
Families are Forever by Momza  
Family Proclamation Photo Essay Blog Hop  
Eternal Families by Allison  
I'm a Big Fat Chicken by Steph
Hold My Hand by This Girl Loves to Talk  
Rearing God's Heritage by Deanna  
That's What Fathers Do by Braden  
Music and the Family by Marilyn
Family Proclamation Craft or Activity Blog Hop  
Cottage Cheese, Ketchup, and the Family Proclamation by America Jane  
The Miracle of Adoption by Allison  
Growing by Ryan 
I Do Not Ask for the Easy Path, I Ask for the Necessary One by Charlotte  
Parking Lots of Kids by Paul  
Forgiveness by Esther  
Sharing the Family Proclamation Blog Hop
Teaching Our Children to Love
by Hannah  
Hard Work and Independence by Shawni  
Family Councils by Andalucy  
Presiding in Love by Ken  
Being a Mother by Sarah  
You Are a Lioness at the Gate by Meg  
Family Proclamation FHE Blog Hop  
The Ties That Bind by Amber  
8 Ways to Be the World's Greatest In-Laws by Michelle  
Cher*ish by Sonja

Guest Posts at We Talk of Christ

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  1. You two did such a good job putting this together. Thanks for all your effort!

  2. Thanks for the links! I'm posting on Readheaded Hostess tomorrow! Hey, I have a couple questions for you - I emailed Shannon Foster and she said you might be interested in this. Can you email me since I can't find any contact info for you? Thanks!

  3. This is such a fun idea! I don't know how I missed this. I can't wait to see how it turns out. You have and are creating such a wonderful event each September!

  4. Great video! Great project! Happy Happy to share it!


  5. What a great project! We need more people like you in the world doing stuff like this. I hope it goes viral :)

  6. What a great project! We need more people like you in the world doing stuff like this. I really hope this goes viral.

  7. Did you finish the video? We are doing a RS activity on the proclamation and would love to show your video as part of the activity!

  8. Do you have the video finished yet? We are doing a RS activity on the proclamation and would love to show this as part of it!

  9. I love having these all in one place, thanks for gathering them. I just discovered the celebration this year and loved it. Are you going to add the posts from 2012?
    I linked to this page on my proclamation photo essay post at so others could enjoy the articles as well. Thanks again!


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