What's Your Favorite Blessing Game

Our Heavenly Father has blessed us with everything we have in life, both spiritually and temporally.  Counting our blessings helps us to realize just how much He loves us.

What if you had to choose between two blessings? Would you chose the color red or the color yellow? Scriptures or your family?

The purpose of the game is to not only help everyone realize all of the things they have been blessed with but to also teach that there are some things that are more important than others. We also each value blessings differently depending on what our life experiences have been.

Have you ever played the game Whoonu? It is a fun "what's your favorite thing" game for all ages. I created this What's Your Favorite Blessing game based on Whoonu. This would be a fun family home evening activity!

To play:

Every member of your family (or at least 3 players)
Blessing Cards
Number Tokens
(download What's Your Favorite Blessing Game here)

Pile same number tokens on top of each other and place the piles in number order in the middle of the table. You do not need to use all the numbers. I created this game with numbers 1-8 as we have a LOT of people in our family. Just use one less number of however many are playing. If you have four people playing use the number tokens 1 - 3.

blessing game 01

Pass out five blessing cards to each member. Place the remaining cards face down in a pile to draw from later in the game.

One person starts by being "it." Everyone else looks at their cards and decides which blessing they think "it" would like the most. Each person places ones blessing card face down in a pile on the table.

blessing game 06

"It" picks up the pile, reads the blessing and then decides the order of which blessings he likes most to least.

blessing game 07
blessing game 03

The one "it" likes least gets placed by the #1 token pile. The blessing "it" likes most gets placed by the highest number token pile. Then "it" explains why he thinks certain blessings are more important to him than others.

blessing game 08

The other players then take a number token from the pile where their blessing card was placed. They also take a new blessing card from the draw pile. Blessing cards just played get placed in a discard pile. Play continues with the person on the left of "it" becoming "it." Keep playing until everyone has had a couple of turns being "it" or until all the blessing cards are used. Add up the numbers on the tokens. Winner with the highest score wins.

Variation 1: Don't keep track of number tokens. Just place one of each number in a row to allow for "it" to order their blessings. This keeps it non-competitive.

Variation 2:
Place all the blessing cards face up on the table in random order. Each person, in turn, "gives up" a blessing by moving that card from the table. He or she must explain why they value that blessing less than the others. When there is only one blessing left, explain why you all left that blessing until last. (This idea taken from a 1983 Friend Magazine)

blessing game 05
blessing game 04
blessing game 09

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  1. We love whoonu! We will most definitely be using this for fhe tomorrow night. Thanks!

  2. Thank you for making and sharing this game!

  3. What a great game, thanks for sharing it! I can't wait to play.

  4. Awesome, thanks for sharing it with the rest of us!

  5. We are doing to do this for family night tonight!

  6. It plays just like Apples to Apples, so I know my kids would like it. I will try it over the Thanksgiving break. Thanks, also, for the reminder that Christmas cards are important. I took my kids to the park with all the autumn leaves and snapped a picture. Cards are designed and ordered. And I can check one more thing off the list so that Advent will be all about the Church!


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