Knock, Knock Anyone There?

April has gone by so quickly! I only posted 10 times and, I'm not going to lie, it was kind of nice. BUT I am ready to get back into the swing of things. I can only take a break for so long before I start to go insane. Here are a few things/changes that will be taking place with this ol' blog. I'm open for suggestions too!

The "walk through history" apron tutorials will start back on May 8th. They will take place the 2nd Tuesday of every month. Doing an apron tutorial every week proved to be too much. Once a month will be just about right I think.

Wordfull Wednesdays and the Friday homeschooling posts will resume. I have a few crafts and projects up my sleeve as well.

dandelion crown
The first dandelion crown of the year!

What I would like to know is what YOU want to know. Do you have any general questions you want answered? Here's a few that have been asked already either in previous posts' comments or on Facebook

Family Life:
How is our grocery budget?
How do we discipline our kids?

What foods does your family eat for breakfasts that's not just cereal?

How do you post pictures from Flickr on your blog?

Are there other things you've been dying to ask or are curious about?

Ask away in the comments, provide feedback, etc, etc.

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  1. Ok. Because I am a big dork...

    How do you get a pin it button to pop up with the things already written for you? I would love to know how to attach them to my posts. :)

    How do you make those interactive calendars? The ones you roll over and they have the fun little pop ups. Or even photos with the pop up writing.

    Those are my two quesions. :) Hope you loved your break. Super glad you are back though. I missed you!

  2. Enjoyed the apron tutorials and excited to see the next one!

    My 12 year old daughter made personal progress holders for each of the Beehives in our branch for a ten hour project. Thanks for the idea. We've had a lot of fun making them.

    I think I asked this before but just curious how involved your husband is with homeschooling.

    Enjoy the rest of April! Thanks for all the time you put into your blog - it is a favorite of mine and my girls! :)


  3. glad to see your post! :)
    Do you have a "chore" schedule for your home? Are you naturally orgainzed? (Heaven knows I'm not...and I'm always looking for new ideas to help keep us organized!) We're currently majorly downsizing into a tiny new home and above all else I want to keep it organized!!!

  4. Well, I for one, missed your posts! Reshaping your blog is probably the best idea for keeping it interesting for you, too. Take care :)

  5. yay! i'm glad you are going to resume the apron posts and I'm glad that you are only going to do one a month. unfortunately, it's taken me about a month to make each of the others. i'd love to see more sewing projects too. i love your blog!!

  6. I'm curious how you are dealing with a whole bunch of teenage daughters. It sounds like you are doing an awesome job. I grew up in a home with 5 girls and 1 boy born in 7.5 years and it was an awful emotional mess. Whoever threw the biggest loudest emotional temper tantrum got their own way. Early on I decided I was never going to have pms like my sisters (even though I was #2) and a period was not a good reason to be grumpy, so my opinion never counted for anything through those teenage years. My husband has really appreciated my forced self control, but I am not sure I have the right to tell my daughters their hormones do not count toward behavior. So how do you deal with this with so many girls? I just don't feel like I have a good model.

  7. Here are my questions (some you already had mentioned):
    - What is your food budget? More specifically, how do you feed a large family without breaking the bank?
    - What is a typical week of meals for your family right now?
    - Do you have any picky eaters? How do you handle that?
    - How do you handle getting and staying healthy while having so many consecutive pregnancies? I've had 10 pregnancies in 11 years (3 ended in miscarriage, so 7 kiddos age 10 and under) and my body has taken a hit. I'm 5'5" and since my 2nd pregnancy I've never gotten my weight back under 180ish. I could use any encouragement here. I know we're not done having babies and we just leave all that up to Heavenly Father anyway, so at just about to turn 31 I've got a while probably. I'm doing pretty well at the moment with the health battle but would love to hear how another mom of many does it!
    - Do you have any must-read books on homeschooling that you love?
    - What are your top picks for reading aloud?

    Looking forward to reading your posts!

  8. You may have already hit on these or plan to during the home school Fridays but here are a few of mine-
    * how do you do home school during the summer/ or do you?
    * do you find you school boys vs girls differently? not just by learning styles etc
    * since you have older kids that have been home schooled- talk about transitions you are looking at for college, resources that are great, are they in early college already, what about GED vs Diploma- if home schooled can you still get a diploma- any other advice you might want to share in that area or good place to find information.
    Love your blog! Thanks!

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  10. Goody! Looking forward to it!
    My question is. . . .
    How do you make a dandelion chain? I've always heard of daisy chains and been enchanted with the idea, but don't know how to make 'em stay together. :)

    1. Haha! I just noticed that when I commented it was signed into my son's account. Hope that wasn't too confusing, Cocoa! It's really me, Michelle, that wrote that. :)

  11. My question is if you ever finished posting the quilt tutorial with the nine square blocks? I just love your blog and your ideas so much! So inspiring!

  12. Do you ever have days where a child refuses to do school? What do you do? I feel like a lot of my time and energy (way too much) are spent trying to motivate my kids to do what they should be doing.

  13. I have missed you :)

    Here are my questions for you...
    Do you do any co-ops with homeschooling, and/or are any of the kids involved with sports or lessons. How do you juggle so many different activities?

    How much money do you save at the grocery store with having a garden?

    What do you personally, and you and the family to burn off steam?

    Thanks for answering all the question everyone has and letting us have a peek into your personal life.

  14. How do you deal with all the STUFF in your house?!?!
    And I'm always up for activities the littles can be doing while the older kids do school.
    Thanks for all the great things your blog provides me with! Advice, laughter, information, and inspiration!!!


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