Wordfull Wednesday: Childhood Games

Gratitude Day 10: Childhood Innocence
Oh, the innocence of childhood! Where the days are carefree filled with play and imagination.
playing chess
Hide-n-seek in the neighbor's yard, kickball in our front yard, and board games like Scrabble or chess on a lazy Sunday afternoon are some of the games I remember the most.
reading a good book
Being a voracious bookworm I also remember many days my mother had to make me put down my book and send me out to play. I never thought I would have to do the same to my own children!
wheel barrow race
Now I enjoy listening to their squeals of laughter as they wheel barrow race
tablecloth tent
or use their imaginations for made up games with tablecloth tents

Farm Girl Playground 02

or bales of hay {jump ship it's sinking!}.
tickle fights
Now that the days are longer, the weather fine, and the outdoors calls us to "Come, enjoy!" I try to remember it's okay if the dishes aren't done, or the laundry is behind. There are memories to be made playing games with my children.

Join us for Wordfull Wednesday! Write about the games you played as a child. What was your favorite? Come and link your post!


  1. You are so right! I should not feel guilty about leaving the dishes in the sink yesterday! Beautiful pictures! I love PLAY!

  2. My link is to my website which is linking to my article in an online magazine. I can't remember if it snows where you guys are (I'm trying to conjure up a mental image of snowy pictures on your blog), but with as many kids as you have and your wide open spaces--our snow game would be awesome.

  3. Yes, do enjoy all the precious moments you can while raising children. Of course, grandmothers will want to play like this too. I loved the pictures and especially the idea of being outside and enjoying creative imaginations.

  4. I love the photos of creative play. Some of my best memories are of the free, or otherwise cheap things we did as kids. Love it!


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