Indian Corn Bead Craft

With Thanksgiving and other Autumn festivities coming soon I thought I'd share this very simple craft for youngsters to make. It can be used to help decorate the kids' table at your next Thanksgiving dinner!

Indian Corn Craft 04

Tri-beads in red, orange, brown, yellow, purples, and greens
Green Chenille Sticks
Dried corn husk or raffia

Indian Corn Craft 01
Fold one chenille stick in to thirds. Twist together one end. Cut the fold on the other end so you have three "legs." It will look like a chicken foot.

Indian Corn Craft 02
Put beads onto all three pieces, creating 'Indian Corn.' Stop when your 'cobs' are as long as you want them to be. Fold the rest of the chenille stick behind the cob to keep the beads from falling off trimming any extra stick if necessary.

Indian Corn Craft 03
Tie a strip of dried corn husk or raffia to the top. Cut a chenille stick in half and wrap one half around the top and create a loop to use as a napkin holder. Other ideas are to hot glue a magnet on the back to use on your fridge or hot glue a safety pin for a decorative pin to wear.


  1. Thanks for the tutorial for this. It looks like a fun craft.

  2. Oh that's cute! We'll have to make those!


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