Five for Friday: Good things Edition

01. After church last Sunday the kids and I took a little drive up Water Canyon to take pictures. Since Mr. Ferrero Rocher is the bishop of our ward he had some interviews and other church business to take care of and couldn't come with us.

How and when in the world did this young lady grow up?
Eve 01
Honestly it was just yesterday she was shadowing my footsteps calling for her "baaaaaaaa-ble" which is how she said bottle.
Eve 02
And now look! All grown and ready to fly.
This beauty is not far behind.
Marie & Gideon
Thankfully we'll have the rest for a few more years. :) Ganache and Hershey fell asleep on the way there so we really don't have any good pictures of them.

02. Tiffany at an ensign, waving has created a couple of wonderful Thanksgiving playlists. I was so excited when she posted this yesterday! She's done all the work for me. I love songs that celebrate Autumn and gratitude. There are a few new to me songs that I can't wait to listen to.

03. Speaking of gratitude I am thankful for a wonderful husband who knows how to fix and build things. He started remodeling the garage into two new bedrooms. Hurray! Next will be a new addition that includes a kitchen and dining room, pantry, laundry room and school room. The wall between the existing kitchen and living room will be knocked down to create one huge living room (19 ft x 27 ft). Do you think it's wishful thinking that it all gets done before the baby comes the end of March?

Earlier this year the plan was to build a new house and turn our house into a bunk house for guests. Well, plans changed. The farm next to ours came up for sale. It doesn't happen very often you get the opportunity to expand your farm in that way. That farm already has several houses that can be used as bunkhouses. Mr. FR and I, much to everyone's surprise, decided it was rather pompous to build a brand new house. It was taking so long to get approval from the building department anyway. Ah well. I was able to use part of the 'new' house plans to create plans for the addition. We will actually end up with an extra bedroom and a much larger living room this way. But we will not be getting any new bathrooms. Instead the old laundry room will be turned into a powder room with a sink, long counters and mirrors, and cabinets for the girls to use to get ready for the day.

04.These double dark chocolate pomegranate cookies are on tap for this afternoon. Goodness they are heavenly! The dark chocolate flavor is enhanced with the sudden burst of pomegranate when you bite into an aril {the pomegranate seeds}. Yum!

05. My aunt requested the Thanks & Giving lists done in Spanish. I obliged.
T&G lists Spanish purple
You can find them at the bottom of the original Thanks & Giving Lists post or download them here.

Well, looky there, I got through without mentioning the election once! Yeehaw. It IS a good day!  :)


  1. So glad to be of assistance, Montserrat! :) I love your approach to Thanksgiving and am grateful to you for all your amazing ideas as well!

    Such lovely photos-- what a gorgeous family. Blessings, every one. ♥

  2. Such a beautiful family! I always enjoy my visits to your blog!

  3. I love hearing about your house plans. How exciting!!! :-)

  4. What a great idea to put pomegranates in cookies! I've got to try those! Thanks for the link!

    Judi :)

  5. Great looking family, and I am impressed you were able to keep them in their Church clothes after Church.

  6. I have followed your blog for several years but have never commented until today. Your children are beautiful but your mention of Water Canyon brought tears to my eyes. I haven't been there in 42 years. As a Rocky Mountain transplant it was a joyful surprise to discover such beauty hidden there. I loved that place.

  7. Really enjoyed this post! I have been meaning to get out and take some pictures of my kids in the leaves before they are all gone. My time is growing very short! Definitely have to try the cookies since I just bought some pomegranates today. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Thank you for posting Tiffany's Thanksgiving Playlist. I've been posting a piece from mine daily on FB and have had many appreciative comments! There are several on Tiffany's I'll have to add to my list!

    The photos of your kids are fantastic! You have a beautiful family Cocoa!

  9. What a beautiful family, and wonderful blessings!

  10. I love how each one of your children's personalities shine through your photos. (I know I don't know them personally, but their faces tell a story) Beautiful!

  11. Beautiful, beautiful children! Lovely pictures.

  12. Cocoa, you have such beautiful children! Those young! and those little men...handsome! I adore your family. You remind me how blessed I am with my children.

  13. What a delightful post. I loved the sweet pictures of your children. I have a daughter that lives on a small farm and they are also going to remodel their home.


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